Vmware Windows 3.11 And Dos. Download !!HOT!!



Vmware Windows 3.11 And Dos. Download

I’m glad this site is still around. There really is a lot of good time and effort getting old old old old computers enabled to run Microsoft DOS, much less freeDOS. Especially with the OS Releases Microsoft is making now with non-Windows versions available on the web and their current Linux offering.
FreeDOS is a very good, free, no-strings-attached version of the MS-DOS family of Operating Systems, when you run you get back all of the historical goodies, and community is very helpful. It also runs just fine on x86, x86_64, ARM, SPARC, PDP-11, MIPS, HPPA, DEC Alpha, VAX, MIPSel, PowerPC and has many real flavors, from a strict pure extended DOS to a much more modern and real looking flavor, very nice looking 128×30 graphics. Anyway, nice to get this good old site showing more old systems running DOS.
Cheers all!

All machines I run FreeDOS instaversion on are scattered among my daughter’s’ family. I have no problems running my system. For some reason, the boot floppy doesn’t load for you until you load a rescue floppy to fix the boot. That’s not my case.