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Virtual Kt So Uncennsored

The line up of virtual band Gorillaz features 2D and 3D human characters, interactive environments, and arcade games.[1][2] While initially considered just a gimmick to allow the virtual band to perform, the line up of characters became a diverse supergroup, similar to that of the Who.[6]Virtual band Gorillaz premiered in 2004 with the album Demon Days; the animated music video for the album’s opening track « DARE » became a « masterpiece »,[7] and was praised for its message about the dangers of social media, the environmental impact of human’s and for use of technology.[8][9][10] The following year, they released The Fall, which « exude[d] an organic, cosmic psychedelic vibe ».[11] 2003’s track « 19-2000 » was used in the short film Freedom Planet, which was a direct precursor of the band’s 2005 single of the same name. It was a spoof on Japanese media corporations and the Recording Industry Association of America and was used to raise awareness of file sharing libel, along with John Lennon’s 1971 song « Power to the People ».[12] It was the only Gorillaz album to be entirely recorded in front of a live audience at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire, London, a club they played frequently since they recorded The Fall there.[13] Their following 2005 single « El Manana » was used in the Barbie videogame Barbie: Ice Skating Queen.[14] Its music video was critically praised for being « the most impressive work of visual programming yet ».[11] A collabo between Gorillaz and Singularity and Ben Klock entitled « Dare You to Move » was used for the Shanghai International Film Festival in 2006.[15] The 2007 song « 4am », along with the music video, was a humorous song about teenagers and the subway, which was compared to their previous works, for its self-aware production.[16] Their 2008 song « Humility », which talks about the joy of simply being, was used for Honda’s Super Bowl ad.[17] The song was praised for its simple message and creative use of colors.[18] Their 2009 song « Hollywood Kills » was used for the finale of the 2009 World Cup of Poker.[19] Gorillaz’ fifth studio album, 2010’s The Fall, had a different concept than Demon Days and The Fall, pushing away from the style of Demon Days. It was applauded for its minimalist approach to music.