Video Studio Pro X2 Serial Number ⏳

Video Studio Pro X2 Serial Number ⏳



Video Studio Pro X2 Serial Number

Broadcast Design Group announced the release of its new FlexStream Cable. The FlexStream Cable features a revolving CAT6E line to allow for future flexibility. A flexible cable is an essential component for all broadcast design applications. The FlexStream Cable is designed specifically for the broadcast industry. Its ability to rotate the CAT6E line means that it can adapt to the most demanding rig environments, as well as delivering production standard cabling and recording features.

Sterling Sound released MicroMax MicroVault II at NAB. MicroMax’s new MicroVault II product is a portable control surface that features full-function remote controls and a high-resolution color display. This model includes integrations of both the QL Engine™ software and the DINC™ (Diamond Innovative Network of Controls) device management infrastructures. It allows stations to add and assign up to 500 system controls and DINCs to the MicroVault II UI. In addition, the MicroVault II supports polyphonic signals and Nuendo® NE for a comprehensive editing environment. MicroMax’s innovation continues with small form factor. With MicroMax system architecture and advanced controls and features, the MicroVault II can be tucked behind virtually everything, saving valuable desktop space.

On the video side, NAD launched the complete System 2000 series at NAB. Available in digital, analog and hybrid formats, the System 2000 series features passive and active monitors, balanced and unbalanced audio devices, accessories and digital video switchers.