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Chongqing is the head of the Guangdong province and Yujiang county is the municipal level of Yujiang city. Yuxi is the municipal level of Yuxi county. Yuxi county is one of the highly industrialized areas in Guangdong province.

The SxSW festival, named as «Slash X Social X Media Event«, has just been held in Austin Sept. 30th to Oct. 3rd, and the event is becoming a warmup for the SXSW conference this year as with the increasing number of start-ups and media companies that gather in Austin.

The government of Myanmar has been cracking down on the Kachin for imposing what it considers a violent rebellion in the Kachin Hills. Myanmar’s defense minister said earlier this week that his nation is fighting «a war on two fronts: against rebels in two northern states who have sought autonomy through violence, and against ethnic insurgents in the Kachin hills.

As part of a study on the socio-cultural factors affecting how the Nigerian work force feels about the use of technical and vocational education and training in the country, a Nigerian youth population aged 13 to 29 years was tested in Langtang, Nepal.

NNIAS scientists are developing metabolite technologies that will transform the practice of medicine by rapidly and directly detecting and identifying metabolites in human fluids and analyzing the chemical composition of a patient’s microbiome. The experiments are all using a 31-Mb genome-scale metabolic model of Ecoli included in the Pathway Tools software suite of tools to control the metabolomics experiments and to correlate the results. The goal of the program is to gain a better understanding of how mutations in human genes can produce diseases such as cancer.