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Omsi 2 Hamburg Addon Crack

OMSI 2 allows you to edit a large number of parameters. This allows for the creation of a configurable fleet file that is downloadable and can be saved and loaded by vehicles. Please see the help file for more information.

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OMSI 2 is a brand new experience provisioned by one of the biggest game companies around and developed for use with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. With this add-on you can use all OMSI features. OMSI 2 includirections for all major operating systems. OMSI 2 has been fully tested on all Windows versions.

OMSI 2 is an add-on that expands games in a completely different way, the OMSI 2 engine gives you the power to add, adjust and copy many of the parameters from an existing game to your own game. For example, OMSI 2 lets you copy the running speed of, or any other parameter to a new OMSI 2 project.

Omsi 2 Hamburger Linie 20 is part of the OMSI 2 Citybus series designed specifically for detailed modeling. The package contains all information needed to create a complete, professional model of the 11m high-floor three-door city bus.