Evolution Battle Simulator [Extra Quality] Free Download PC Game


Evolution Battle Simulator Free Download PC Game

A young boy has an unusual dream he draws a girl into the magical world of his painting, but with a message. An enigmatic scholar agrees to help the boy and in the process learn about the art of summoning. However, the two see something extraordinary, a beast with a daring and violent destiny, one that has been lurking for centuries in the forests of the Kingdom of Tessera. But the beast is more than meets the eye. Can it be stopped?

Move to the world of « Anime Fighters » where an unknown force hired two boys to bring forth monsters at the request of a girl. This girl wants to make a world where people don’t fight but join forces to help others. She summons them down with the knowledge « Anime Fighting » but the two boys get suspicious and hire some of the world’s best fighters to fight her monsters. The girls might be gone but the monsters are still out there. Now the boys must use their world skill in both fighting styles to take on the monsters and their mentors the best.

You can spend your days relaxing and enjoying yourself in Jurassic Valley. Sure, you can take up jobs here and there, or even run your own, but most of the time, it’s preferable to just sit in one place and watch things pass by, or even get a little creative in painting some amazing pictures. But when night falls, you’re not safe inside Jurassic Valley. You’ll need to venture out into the surrounding lands as you go on an adventure to face the ancient monsters that are roaming the area.

A fantastic free 3D anime game from the creators of Futurama and Robot Unicorn Attack. The game features 20 different characters each with their own unique take on the genre. Featuring over 120 different weapons and stylish 3D anime graphics the game is the perfect holiday treat. This is how it works: go into battle, kill your opponent, and make them surrender while plinking away with your machine gun. Your reward? A bonus attack!