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Blade Strangers Download] [License]

Bros. (or Bros.), you and your little online buddy have been working so hard that it’s time you have a vacation! The vacation to be is a quest to get to the heart of three moons called Arcanus, Iramus, and Kuhamos. You must fight through three dungeons, each level of which becomes progressively more difficult. Once you are at this point, you can kick back, relax, and let your virtual K.I.S.S. skills (« kenning in and out of the schtick ») take over the rest of the game.

With the coffin of Humanity extinguished, the world may be at peace. However, outside forces keep shifting the balance of power. An unholy union between the human and the machine spirits has found birth. The future is in your hands!

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Well, no. The service was disabled properly.Since the servers went up the day I purchased it, we couldn’t log in to our account. It said « server malfunction » on Twitch. The account name was also normal for a good amount of time.One day, when the servers came up, we successfully logged in, and it just took hours to download the patcher. This is normal.The password is reset, and it can be changed whenever you want.*NEAL MADE A ONE-LINE ALBUM UPLOAD FOR THE UPDATES*You can change your password anytime, to your own preferences.