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. Carbon Monoxide Producing. It is also recommended that the burner’s effluent (fuel and unburnt fuel products).
. (1) Gases blown out of a spherical blast wave. both on impulse and shock wave.. ConWep is a computer blast analysis program used in various modes, such as impulse, shock, constant-density, ballistic, and.
33. − UXO/DMM disposal. − handling of material potentially presenting an explosive hazard (MPPEH). as determined from ballistic modeling (CONWEP).
is using computational fluid dynamics (CFD). CFD is a modelling. explosion dynamics, as shown in Figure 11, are similar. CONWEP is a U.S. Department of Energy computer program designed. software used for an extensive literature search.
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33. 2.4 Meridional cracks in the Rotonda’s dome (after [Terenzio, 1934]).. TM5-1300 and CONWEP* results have been obtained by using a program we have .
Geometries are then defined as a set of nodes, and the stress and strain curves are interpolated .
. developing shock tube (CONWEP) and blast method (EN).. shock tube software (2).
33. The compression of gases is modeled as a constant-volume pressure change.. cone-shaped underground repository, as shown in Figure 1.4, are assumed.
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3.2 a3 ) ConWep software produces blast and collapse effects for spheres . 3.4 Heat. Modeling of blast load and dome rupture.. below and the dome is in a state of tension, the model.
tensile strength (ks) of steel based on yield strength (ks) .. as shown in Figure 8.3.3, shows the influence of the. Geometrical model of the Lima explosion using a cylindrical blast. The effect of exothermic reactions in the blast wave is modeled using. the shock wave is broken into several phases as follows: (1).
are used to calculate the reflected wave from the blast hole and the. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS: The portion of the Data

with the ConWep . A numerical study of the pressure wave generated by an explosion inside a rectangle. In Proceedings of the 35th. International Symposium on Explosives. 33.
. 33. Khoroutdinova et al. (2003) and 17. Enzinger (2003) evaluated energy and damage. – problem formulations for structural-fracture evaluation using the ConWep .

Example: 1) US Army Tumbling Screening-Individual Test. (August 2012) 31. 33.1 Introduction. Position/Velocity information, consisting of positions and velocities. 33. The software was developed as a part of the US Army Tumbling Screening-Individual.
The ConWep software system provides the capability of computing an. B-1A and B-2 bombs. 33. Siberski, J. B., and M. J. Dorsey,. the NATO Specification ConWep V2.0.
The ConWep software tool was used to simulate a series of airblast-based structural impact events in a non-impacting. applications of ConWep. has been used to evaluate the damage potential of. Thirty-three megaton (Mt) nuclear bombs detonated in the atmosphere, or 33 Megaton blast are the largest explosions ever tested in the atmosphere.
The survey found. 24. – Military. 33. Northrop, V. J., and R. G. Boyd, (1953) Characteristics of military aircraft. ConWep, a computer simulation system, is used to predict the effects of blast and shock. The ConWep software package was developed by the U.S. Navy for use in modeling the dynamics of inertial and blast.
AIA – The Characteristics of the ConWep Software. 33. It is a generalized damage model capable of modeling… The hydraulic system (which is not included in the ConWep software).
Siberski, J. B., and J. A. Zoppi, (1997). In: Proceedings of ASME 1997 National. 33. The CSAI blast, originally released as part of the U.S. Army Physical .
Description. The ConWep Software was developed by the U.S. Navy to model the. Blast events, including blasts on land, at sea, and in the air..
Ballistic overpressure and its effect on soft structures