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For those who want to track their music more thoroughly, Last.fm is a well-known and well-regarded service to handle the task, even popularizing the term "scrobbling" as a stand-in for logging one's listening habits. Whether it is from your mobile or computer, there are several ways to log the music you listen to your account — usually, the streaming service can take care of that on its own, but what if you listen locally?
If you happen to use something like Groove Music or Windows Media player, the scrobble functionality is understandably limited to non-existent. To address that, ZuseMe affords users the possibility to log their listening habits through the aforementioned players.
Setting it up
The installation process isn't particularly difficult, but it does involve a few extra steps to get the app fully working. First, you'll have to have the Last.fm client installed on your PC: you'll have to log in through that app, then authorize it. Upon doing so, you can safely launch ZuseMe, and it'll start doing its job.
A more universal music logging tool
After setting it up, the app can log the music you listen to your account. We tried it with Groove Music and Windows Media Player, and everything worked just fine. We could see that the songs were being tracked, and navigating to our account's page would show what we were listening to at the moment.
It's worth noting that both the Last.fm and this one have to be used for the logging to work: using only one or the other will not work. You can toggle to automatically start the client when booting up this program.
If you find yourself listening to sound recordings or anything of the sort, you can set an unknown track length in the settings: this is to stop the software from logging those kinds of tracks.
In conclusion
ZuseMe is a simple tool to use to log your Groove Music and Windows Media Player listening habits, and we can say it does the job without any fuss.







ZuseMe For PC [April-2022]

ZuseMe Cracked 2022 Latest Version is a simple tool to log your Groove Music and Windows Media Player listening habits.
This application was released to help solve the problem of poorly scrobbled music data. People would have to add songs manually to their Last.fm account.
Whether you listen to music on the go using Groove Music or Windows Media Player, or at home with your PC, this application will automatically log all music you listen to your account.
We recommend you download it to help keep track of your music.
ZuseMe Features:
• Logs the songs you are listening to your Last.fm account.
• Automatic log of unknown track.
• Logs only songs played in Groove Music or Windows Media Player.
• Logs the duration of the song (recorder will not work at the moment).
• Logs the Artist, Song and Album.

What’s new

v3.4.1 – 07/23/2013:
Fixed a bug.
v3.4 – 07/21/2013:
Fixed a bug.
v3.3.5 – 07/19/2013:
Update to support Windows 8
v3.3 – 07/18/2013:
Added support for Windows 8 (this is the first release on Windows 8)
Thanks for the comments!


The program is well written, and works fine. I just ran it, and it works fine on Windows 7 (with no patches or updates), but I am pretty sure it won’t work on Windows 8.

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Get detailed information on every song you listen to on Last.fm, and even track what you’re listening to across apps.

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What’s New In?

ZuseMe is the easiest way to automatically scrobble your Groove Music, Winamp and Windows Media Player played songs. The program supports iTunes and Last.fm for logging your listened songs. It also has a history function that allows you to know the last played songs of your liked artist.

• Listen to your favorite artists
• Discover new artists
• Get real time updates from your friends and others

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System Requirements:

Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 (64-bit versions only).
2 GB RAM or more.
60 GB available space on hard drive.
DirectX 9 compatible sound card with stereo or surround sound support.
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