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1) Works with all email clients that support Microsoft Office 365.
2) Access your contacts, tasks, calendar and files from any web browser.
3) Transfer items easily, as long as they support categorizing.

If you work with contacts on a regular basis and are looking for a convenient way to organize and share them, choose Mavin CRM! Built from the ground up, it is designed to help you to gain visibility on your customer and client database and optimize communication flows. Enjoy access to a full-featured application that covers almost all you need to get the most out of your database. Its innovative features and security safeguards ensure that the data you collect is safe and confidential, and that no one has access to any of your files.

More than 15’000 businesses trust Mavin CRM to help them manage their relationships and communicate their values.

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Discover how you can easily manage all your contacts and to-do lists with Mavin CRM. In just one click, you can create a new file or use a template to easily build a report.

Send and receive email attachments

Use Mavin CRM to easily send and receive email attachments. Your colleagues will be delighted to find all the information they need in a single click.

A robust CRM application designed for managing your contacts, tasks and calendar and the free plan will do the work for you

The free plan of Mavin CRM includes all the most useful tools that you need to manage your contacts. You will be able to find out exactly who you need to contact, track your tasks and meet with all the people you need to do business with.

Use a unique workflow management tool to send invoices, sales proposals and other important documents

Create a professional email signature that you can use to connect with your contacts

Improve your email flow by setting up automatic email campaigns and email templates


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MavinCRM Sync Free Registration Code [Updated]

Designed to help you synchronize your contacts, tasks or calendar entries, from Outlook to the selected location. The tool integrates with the Microsoft email client and can come in handy when you wish to synchronize your contact book with your Zurmo CRM account.
Simple to use Outlook add-in
MavinCRM Sync is designed to help you categorize and synchronize several elements from Outlook with the selected destination account. The add-in is displayed within Outlook, in a specific menu on the command ribbon. You can easily access this menu to configure the synchronization parameters.
You need to enter the Web server address and your authentication credentials. You can also enable the auto-synchronization of the selected elements: contacts, calendar entries, tasks, or documents. The sync interval must also be specified and is measured in minutes. It is recommended that you set a short interval, to ensure that all your work is synchronized, backed up to the corresponding account.
Synchronization with Zurmo
By default, MavinCRM Sync is designed to make the connection between your Outlook workspace and the Mavin CRM service. However, the association with Zurmo CRM can be accomplished within a few minutes, by copying certain files, as long as the Zurmo service is configured on your computer.
MavinCRM Sync’s installation package includes several libraries, written in PHP, that you can copy inside the specified Zurmo folders. The afferent documentation can help you with this task. The library files are designed not only to extend Zurmo CRM’s functionality but to also create the connection to Outlook.
Moreover, once MavinCRM Sync is installed a specific category is created in Outlook, to facilitate the synchronization of the supported items.
Synchronize items via Categories
Having the special MavinCRM Sync category in the dedicated menu, the data transfer can be performed quick and easy. In other words, you can synchronize any element that supports categorizing, including email addresses that you use for the first time when writing a new email. You may also sync tasks, folders, calendar entries/appointments/meetings.

MavinCRM Mobile allows users to access and edit their CRM records on their smartphone, tablet, or PDA. The mobile CRM tool supports both iOS and Android platforms.
KEYMACRO Description:
The mobile CRM tool designed to help the user with the management of all CRM records, for both the offline and online mode.

MavinCRM Sync

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What’s New In?

Sämtliche Dateien zur Synchronisation mit Zurmo entfernen
Beta-Versionen höher als die Fälligkeiten des Produktes
Nur für die Seite- und Datenbankexistenzen und erhalten kein Office-Protokoll
MavinCRM Sync is a tool that can be installed inside your web browser to facilitate the synchronization of several Outlook-related items with your Mavin CRM account. The add-in works with the Mavin CRM service that you can access online via the Internet.
The tool offers an Outlook menu to add selected contacts, tasks, appointments and calendar entries to the selected CRM account.

The primary platform for exchanging information between sales, marketing, and service teams has long been email. This tool allows for seamless attachment of contacts and service orders to emails with no additional work for users.
• Creates automated messages based on Contact data or Service Orders
• Ensures that leads get seen by Marketing, Sales, and Service team members
• Forces everyone to keep each other updated on the status of their business
• Gives the ability to create repeating automated emails
• Automatically attaches the files based on preconfigured rules
This add-in has been released to the public for beta use only. It contains a number of features that are untested and still undergoing development. The add-in is intended to be used by a non-admin user. As a result, the add-in includes several minor features and configuration options that are not intended to be modified by an administrator. For example, our tests show that the add-in is able to connect to a few extra services (such as Social media accounts, etc.), and more work needs to be done to ensure that everything works as expected.

Using Email Templates

With Zebra CRM, you can utilize the system to automate various email tasks. You can create one or more email templates that you can apply to various communications to save time and increase efficiency. You can also attach additional files and data to the email to enhance the communication process.

Creating an Email Template

You can create an email template for your Zebra CRM communications by using the Email Template section of the Zebra CRM System Settings, located in the Administration section.

Creating a new template

To create a new template, follow these steps:

1. Go to System Settings, and select Email Template.
2. Select Add Template from the list, and then select Create New.
3. Enter a name for the template, and select Create.

Using an email template

When you use an email template, you can create a new message with a pre-configured template from the Home Screen. This template is available for various tasks, including meeting invitees

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