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Delicate information can very easily get into the hands of someone who might use it wrong. As such, various security techniques exist and when it comes to computers there are countless measures. What Keyboard Tracer has to offer in this field is monitoring each and every single button pressed on the keyboard and saving it to a log file so you can later view malicious attempts.
Lightweight and straightforward
The application comes in a very light package, both when it comes to the installer, as well as for the compact main window. This is normal, seeing how it's meant to stay stealthy and keep an eye on who's typing. In fact, stealth is an advantage, with the possibility to either leave it hidden in the system tray or have the icon removed and only let it run as a process.
Enhanced accessibility with hotkey support
Accessing the settings menu lets you configure stealth methods mentioned above, as well as choosing a custom combination of keys in order to be able to toggle the main window. Additionally, you can set a different location for the log file or even make the application automatically run at startup.
By default, the application starts recording what you type in as soon as it is launched, but with no possibility to set a hotkey to quickly make it record or not. The main window also displays running time, as well as the date and hour when the event was put in motion.
Records all keyboard buttons pressed
The log screen is easy to understand, with all entries sorted out according to several criteria and displayed in a table along with the input. However, it gets a little difficult to view the whole text in a single row, with no possibility to directly get a better view without actually opening the log file with an external application.
In conclusion
Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Keyboard Tracer is pretty practical, but it won't serve much in big businesses. It's best if used on your home computer in order to view attempts to unlock your desktop, for example, or simply test out how fast you can type and how many buttons you pressed in that amount of time.







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You can record every keystroke on your computer with Keyboard Tracer Torrent Download, making it possible for you to view what keystrokes you made while you were doing something else.

Keyboard Tracer is a small and lightweight utility. The only window you will see during the monitoring process is the main one which allows you to view the log file, enter the keys you want to monitor, and enter some other settings that will allow you to monitor specific keys, hotkeys, log file location, and so on.

Once the log file is created, you will be able to open it with any text viewer or editor and search through the log file for the strings you were looking for. You can set a hotkey to run the application, or you can open the application whenever you want it to start recording.

Keyboard Tracer has a very simple setup wizard which will allow you to set a key combination to toggle the main window (to turn the logging on or off), enter the name of the log file, and some other settings.

Keyboard Tracer isn’t compatible with all Windows OSes, but for Windows 7, it should work without any problems.

Keyboard Tracer – How to install

What is it?

Keyboard Tracer is a utility which can be used to log every keystroke made on your computer. It will keep track of your activity on the keyboard and later be able to replay everything you did and see if you were able to perform actions you did not intend. All data will be stored to a log file which can be later viewed using any text editor, web browser or other program.

Keyboard Tracer Screenshots

Keyboard Tracer Review

Keyboard Tracer Review – What it is, how does it work and what is it for?

On a laptop, people are likely to use the keyboard on daily basis, so it is advisable that this function is turned on. Keyboard Tracer can be installed on a Windows computer and runs on all versions of Windows from XP to Windows 7. It is a lightweight program, which means you will not have any difficulties in finding it. It will only occupy some space on your computer so it is worth taking a look if you want to keep a log of your activity on the keyboard.

It is a simple program, which means it does not take a lot of time to install and to use. You will have a very basic window, which you can use to view and

Keyboard Tracer Activation (2022)

Keyboard Tracer Cracked 2022 Latest Version is a tiny, lightweight tool that lets you monitor all keyboard keys pressed. The log is kept in a separate file for easy viewing and if needed, you can also sort it out by key. The best part of this utility is that it doesn’t leave a trace in the system tray, which makes it a very stealthy tool. Keyboard Tracer Free Download.

What do you get with Keyboard Tracer?

Keyboard Tracer is a tiny tool that has been crafted to keep an eye on what all your keyboard keys are doing. This is one of the best pieces of software you can get because it’s something you need to have installed on every computer you own. So if you’re running Windows 7 or 8, you’ll definitely want to get this tool.

Why can’t I install it?

Keyboard Tracer can only be downloaded from the developer’s website. The reason for this is because this is a free application and the developers want to keep it that way. There’s nothing wrong with that, but this is the only way to get the program.

Keyboard Tracer Review

What is Keyboard Tracer?

In this day and age, more and more computers are becoming central hubs for just about everything, from reading e-mails to watching movies. As such, the more you use your computer, the more vulnerable you become to malware. With that said, you need to be able to protect yourself from what’s out there, especially if you are in an office environment where the chances of malicious software is pretty high.

So what do you do if you need a way to see what all the keyboard keys are doing? You can get some software that will do it for you, but it may also cause some complications, such as the one with Keyboard Tracer.

Keyboard Tracer Description

Keyboard Tracer is a tool that monitors all keyboard keys that are being pressed, in order to create a log file for later use. This is done by simply clicking a button and making sure the log file is created for later use. The best part of this utility is that it doesn’t leave a trace in the system tray, which makes it a very stealthy tool.

How to install it

Keyboard Tracer can only be downloaded from the developer’s website. The reason for this is because this is a free application and the developers want to keep it that way. There’s nothing wrong with that, but this

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Monitor who is typing in your system and log keystrokes
Keyboard Tracer is a program that listens for any keystroke that is not pressed for longer than a preset time frame. The logging and monitoring can be stopped at any time by pressing the stop button on the mouse. You can activate the monitoring at the system start or set a custom hotkey combination for toggling the monitoring. You can also set a custom location for your log file to make it more convenient.

The program will run silently in the system tray and can be turned off from there or by pressing the shutdown button on the tray icon.
Main features:
– Is run in the background with no window or other visible activity
– It monitors your keyboard and logs all keys pressed
– It can be turned off or on at any time with a hotkey combination
– Works on all versions of Windows from XP to Windows 8
– Supports all languages
– Can be configured for automatic logging and monitoring
– Supports system start
– You can set a custom hotkey combination
– You can specify a log file location

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What’s New in the Keyboard Tracer?

Getting to the point, this is an application which aims to monitor all keyboard buttons pressed on a computer. What makes it stand out among the competition is that it can store all the data it records for a full month, with a goal of keeping your PC safe from various hacking attempts. Additionally, it is lightweight and doesn't require administrator privileges.




Cool, I like it.




Starts recording all keyboard buttons right away



Problem using with Realtek ALC888



Version 2.1.5 available for users of Windows XP and above as a hotfix.

Placed a review before the update. The new version of the application failed to properly record my attempts to enter a password into a virtual machine, so I had to go back to the previous version.




Well done, to be honest I didn’t think a button logger would be that useful.




Your product is VERY useful.
I have a new laptop and am using it for typing tutorials and books.
I use this software with every computer I use.




Lets you know when someone is trying to guess your password




To be clear, can Keyboard Tracer monitor the keys you press? Yes. For example, I have a portable USB keyboard that I use to play RPG games, and sometimes when I am using an MMORPG I have my password set to be a static string. In this case, I know that I can type in that password faster than I can type in another random string. With the Keyboard Tracer tool, I can use a hotkey combination to turn off logging of that password so I can focus on typing in other strings. A keylogger would work as well, but that’s more of a tool for detecting unauthorized uses of your computer.




I like it. It’s not worth the price, I have the older version installed and use it all the time. I would say it’s $40 instead of $30. Why is it $30? It’s not a big deal, but I don’t see why.




Doesn’t have

System Requirements For Keyboard Tracer:

* AMD CrossFire multi-GPU technology support is not supported on Linux operating systems. You can enable AMD CrossFire Technology only if you are using Windows operating systems.
* To use AMD CrossFire Technology on Windows 10 operating system, you must have installed the latest Update for AMD CrossFire Technology.
* You need Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 8.1 operating system to use AMD CrossFire Technology.
* You need a Windows installation that has at least 64MB of RAM to use AMD CrossFire Technology.
* You need at least 8GB