Jost Van Dyke- British Virgin Islands Holiday

The British Virgin Islands has a wildly massive array of personalities, from those with a celebration atmosphere to ones known for their peaceful natural surroundings.Jost Van Dyke has a unique history and a style of its own.

Jost Van Dyke is that the smallest of the four main islands, measuring just 3 square miles (eight sq. kilometers). The island was borne of a volcano and still maintains a rugged tract. Roach Hill is that the highest purpose at 1054 feet (321 meters).The beaches area unit pure perfection and are featured in Kenny Chesney's country and western videos and mentioned his song «Somewhere in the Sun.»

While only one hundred eighty individuals make Jost Van Dyke their home and enjoy at Soggy Dollar, the island could be a standard vacation destination, particularly for British Virgin Island sailing vacations.

Many people visit the island by boat charter or ferry service, coming back from Tortola and Saint Thomas. The Great Harbour is one of the most visited locations on the island, particularly the ill-famed Foxy's Bar. Open since the late 1960's, this hang around forever contains a crowd, however is overflowing with thousands of party-goers for «Old Year's Night» every Dec thirty first.

The Great Harbour is so popular with the sailing community, that thousands of boats enter and exit the port every year.

With all of the tourists that relish British island sailing vacations at Jost Van Dyke and White Bay, it's wonderful that the island failed to have electricity till late 1989, and even then, not everybody was connected till the top of 1997.Up till that time, residents and tourists enjoyed the romance of torches and candle flame. Inhabitants became innovative and resorted to generators and solar panels.

Even though Jost Van Dyke is only about 4 miles by 2 miles, there are still many things to do while vacationing there.

Along with the Great Harbour, tourists relish the White Bay area, wherever one would possibly relish a medication drink at The Soggy dollar. The bar got its name as a result of once boaters would lower anchor in the bay, then swim to the beach. When they purchased their drinks, their money was all wet from the swim.

Since people usually arrive on the island by boat, they walk to numerous locations inside the island on recent walking trails. A natural, effervescent Jacuzzi forms on the East finish. Little Jost and Sandy coral reef area unit secluded islands value the cooler months, one will Watch All Channels Abroad dolphins and whales swim past the island in the Caribbean waters.

A British island sailing vacation to Jost Van Dyke is the best way to explore this unique island that's steeped in history and crammed with beauty.

If your island vacation falls round the date of the USA Memorial Day, you'll participate of the annual Foxy's wooden boat sports meeting.This four-day celebration attracts picket yachts from everywhere the Caribbean to complete in the races.

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