Studying in India – The High Cost of a British Degree

It is a misconception in the struggling middle age group that studying abroad will make them stand out of the crowd.

Getting a British college does not guarantee that you will get a handsome salaried job in India. Many universities are offering British degree in India, but will they really be beneficial in the long run is a question. In India master's is obtained by struggling two consecutive years but in Britain the same is done by studying only one year.

Britain has been broaching the issue of sameness of its reputed master's in India for more than a few years. Since Indian educational universities offer master's courses of two-year, the master courses of one-year presented by many prestigious universities in the United Kingdom are not acknowledged in India.

A survey as stated that approximately 26,000 Indian scholars are pursuing their master's from reputed universities in the United Kingdom and most of this category of scholars have taken up the traditional one-year course.

The British agency i.e. National Recognition Information Centre is responsible for counselling on educational credentials worldwide, it was specially made by the United Kingdom Higher Education International Unit plus the United Kingdom-India Education and Research Initiative to embark on a study to scrutinize the credit of the British degree of one-year in India.

Britain and India have approved on a negotiation formula for the acknowledgment of the master's degree of one-year from UK TV Abroad universities by establishing a bridge course. According to this bridge proposal, all Indian students who hold the one-year degree from reputed universities of Britain will have to practise a bridge course of one-year at any Indian university.

Once the one-year bridge course is accomplished, the student can opt for higher education in any Indian University or can appear for the famous National Eligibility Test (NET). This examination is often given by students who are interested to opt for the position of assistant professors in any Indian universities and colleges.

NET is organised by the University Grants Commission to set a mark for the eligible candidates. Considering various criteria's like course duration, learning outcomes, course content, research requirements, progression routes, occupational outcomes, rigour and quality assurance, and assessment method, the British agency proposed that the master of one-year from all reputed universities in the UK is equivalent with the master's courses of two-year offered in India.

You might have came across many lucrative offers that are tempting you to get a British degree in India, or who promises that after getting a British degreeyour life will be completely changed. Before relying on these advertisements, make sure that the consequences are the one that you want.

Getting a British degree in India is not a matter of concern, what matters here is your carrier and your time. Because of lack of knowledge and proper guidance there are thousands of students who have taken up this type of degree and now they are repenting as the result which these British degrees are offering is not the one that were expected.

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