Hydra, the biggest Russian language darknet Market (DNM), is growing a new head and is planning to expand into the English part of the Darknet. The threat of a rising, powerful, and experienced player should not be ignored despite the fact that the launch was postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak. How serious is it and what is the danger here? Let’s dive in.Darknet Markets Project Hydra

There are several unexpected things about the new projects announcement and how the community has reacted to it. Another thing is that the Hydra announcement mentioned before has a provocative tone. An official Hydra representative said that the official ICO announcement is everything Hydra admins have to say at that moment. They speak directly that they are aggressive, eager to fight with any adversaries that want to disturb their business and they are ready for global expansion in the darknet Market sector. On most English language forums there was almost no discussion about it until May 2020, when the most important English website about darknet news wrote about these new projects—a full 6 months after the ICO. On some cybercriminal forums, the Hydra related topics were closed by moderators. There was little discussion about it on Russian forums. Usually, the onion site charges up to seven dollars per transaction, and this can become quite expensive. The other great thing about this kind of onion site is that it has an extremely low transaction fee. With the Hydra Onion, however, you will only need to pay five dollars for each transaction. Each website can be thought of as an independent silo. However, because of the illicit nature of the dark web, many websites don’t want to be found, as such there is no easy way to navigate the dark web. To find the forums and marketplaces where the important and relevant is you will need to know what you’re looking for and how to look for it. Darknet websites rarely, if ever, link to one another. Because of this short lifespan, security professionals need to constantly be on the lookout for the next big marketplace. Additionally, it reduces the inherent risk of accessing criminal forums and marketplaces. Instead, security professionals get hyper-relevant alerts that can quickly be assessed and acted on without ever actually having to go onto the dark web or painstakingly gaining access to marketplaces. This reduces the need for skilled professionals to spend all their time manually monitoring the entirety of the web and assessing the associated risks. Intelligent Hidden Services The Russian darknet marketplaces and forums featured in this article have had a persistent Tor presence for several years and many include intelligent bot-detection code to prevent automation collection of their content. DarkOwl Vision’s authenticated crawl routine specifically targets services containing high value intelligence with such authentication protocols. Captchas, formally known as Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart, are often present on many of the hidden services to detect if the website user is human or not. In order to successfully view the content of a hidden service that includes such bot-detection methods with Professional Tools, search the domain along with the search pod, «GROUPS->AUTHENTICATED SITES» to reduce result noise.

One of the administrators lost his key, which meant that he couldn’t confirm his identity. Another disturbing event was the disappearance of administrators of forums for criminals.

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