How to Make Money on the Hydra DarkNet Market

It said that they have postponed starting new projects due to the COVID pandemic, without providing a new date. Perhaps this is the first omen heralding that this is indeed a scam? Nor did they share any proof that they did anything to develop the new darknet and DNM. In June 2020, the Hydra crew quietly added a short sentence to their investors section, bypassing their news section. Even crooks who don’t speak Russian have heard about Hydra and their domination on the Russian TOR segment.

Of course there are many problems with rippers (crooks who deceive other fraudsters) there, but the point is that many low-level crooks are lazy and often seek merchandise on the Clearnet. A lot depends on whether Eternos will also be available in TOR. If not, many lazy criminals won’t even try it, although advanced users will still want to test it. The main obstacles to growth for Eternos could be their new darknet – AspaNET. History shows us that most crooks don’t want to use new, unknown darknets, especially if using them is complicated.

What if they succeed? Given the instability in Western DNMs, both darknet vendors and customers will try Eternos. Last year demonstrated a reverse trend: more and more illicit goods are sold on the Clearnet on alternative internet market platforms (like Shoppy), encrypted communicators (like Telegram and WhatsApp), internet forums and standard websites equipped with criminal vendor shops. Interestingly, despite Hydra Market being Russian and serving only Russia and the surrounding countries, in 2019, 31.2% of criminal BTC received by UK exchanges came from Hydra Market.

There are roughly 4,600 vendors on Hydra—an enormous amount. Some vendors have as few as 2 listings, while others have over 50 listings. In the Spring 2020 CAML Report, CipherTrace reported to have discovered that 86.8% of all criminal BTC received by Russian exchanges came from Hydra. make copies and take money from users, be careful! Especially for you, so that you can always know which site you are on, whether the hydra site you visited is a fake or not, to be able to check the delivery, we publish for you a complete list of official hydra shop mirrors: Hydra’s proven mirrors HYDRA is undoubtedly a powerful darknet platform for the sale of drugs and illegal / prohibited services, everyone in the CIS and the Russian Internet space speaks and knows about us and our activities, so they try to put a spoke in our wheels and interfere with us, some parasites of our website have also formed.

Initially all of the new projects would start operating in September 2020. Obviously, taking part in this ICO was openly financing organized crime activity. What they are planning In December 2019, the Hydra crew announced an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to gather funds for launching several new projects. The most important is Eternos, which is a new DNM with global reach, and AspaNET, which would be an alternative to TOR.

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